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The Targeted B2B Marketing Data You’re Looking For

Q3 EFX MDS Campaign

A successful marketing campaign marries the right target with the right offer.Many marketers turn to industry data providers to purchase lists and append attributes to help them identify and segment the ideal targets for marketing campaigns and sales outreach.
But with hundreds of B2B data providers out there, how do you know where to turn?
It’s simple. You turn to Equifax – and here’s why:

  • You need unique dataOur proprietary process of data aggregation enables us to identify and maintain millions of unique records that other providers simply do not have.
  • You need a 360° view of a business. We gather and maintain a key set of attributes that allow for easy identification of corporate relationships – both legal and affiliate views – globally.
  • You want credit-worthy targets. Equifax has the insights to help you identify and weed out targets that may pose higher financial risk.

If you’re interested in accessing hyper-relevant, verified business intel on 14 million+ small to enterprise active businesses, contact us today. We also have a special, limited time offer waiting for you.

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