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Smart Leads + Smart Execution = Smart Results

Not all marketing data is created equal, as one Equifax customer recently discovered. The company, a financial services firm, asked for our help building two commercial marketing lists to support an inside sales campaign. One list included new prospects; the other was built from the company’s existing contacts. 
What came next reinforced the company’s decision to work with Equifax. 

  • In just three weeks of calling, the inside sales team booked enough business to pay for both lists.
  • In six weeks of calling on both lists, the company experienced a lucrative 8x return on investment!

See the secret sauce Equifax used to build these high-performing lists, in this brief customer testimonial.
If you’d like to learn more about how Equifax can help you identify new prospects or uncover growth opportunities within your customer base, contact us today. Don’t wait – we have a special pricing offer available for a limited time.

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