Market Pulse Webinar Series

Delivering timely and relevant economic and credit insights in the wake of COVID-19


  • To help our customers navigate through the current economic situation, Equifax is hosting a free Market Pulse webinar series. Industry experts from inside and outside the company will offer timely insights around the economy and credit. 


The Market Pulse webinars cover:                                                 
•    U.S. Economic Updates
•    Consumer Credit & Employment Insights
•    Helping consumers while protecting your business


Key Takeaways:
•    Identify borrowers in need of additional accommodations or loan work-outs by assessing your portfolio at a segmented level
•    Gain added insight into your portfolio with access to “off-us” credit insights
•    Drill into your portfolio to better understand delinquency, balance and utilization trends by customer segment
•    Better understand your borrowers with attributes trained to today’s environment
•    Better assess portfolio risk by segment to help minimize losses to the financial institution, while helping affected consumers

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