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Credit Card Prescreen

Grow Your Credit Card Portfolio & Increase Customer Loyalty!

As your local Equifax Agent, we plan to highlight and feature different solutions that we think will benefit our partners at various points throughout the year. 

To kick off 2019, we’re featuring Equifax Credit Card Prescreens to help you grow your credit card portfolio:
Have loan originations slowed down this month?

Equifax prescreens can provide much needed lift to your credit card portfolio during what is typically a slower month for lenders.

Are your members/customers carrying revolving debt with OTHER lenders?

An Equifax credit card prescreen can help identify those customers who not only have credit card balances with other lenders but also enable your institution to make a tailored and compelling offer to move that balance to you.  
 How can a preapproved credit card offer provide lift?

  • Employ credit data to pull out the prospects that have a higher propensity to open a NEW credit card account
  • Tap into the market leading Equifax credit data to help identify prospects with revolving debt with other lenders
  • Limit potential risk by targeting the prospects whose credit history aligns with your credit policy
  • Segment customer groups for more tailored card offers (for example “transactors” vs. “revolvers”)
  • Final list will include updated FICO scores and up to 25 credit attributes that will provide your marketing team additional segmenting points

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