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Are You Customer Experience-Ready? Using CX to Achieve the Ultimate Return on Customer Relationship

Thursday, November 14, 2019

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (ET)

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Everyone is trying to make sense of customer experience (CX). Harvard Business Review defines CX as “the cumulative impact of your customer’s end-to-end journey with you, the multiple touch points over time which create a true competitive advantage to companies that get it right.”

But Harland Clarke thinks CX is more, defined by a belief that CX is a holistic strategy that actually starts at the consumer level — before they become customers — beginning with a consumer’s very first interaction with your brand, wherever and whenever they encounter it.

While it is key to meet and exceed consumer expectations during every interaction and encounter, it is particularly important that financial institutions perform well at the critical “moments of truth” like account openings, change events and other high-emotion customer service encounters, when costly attrition and growth-killing churn are highest.

CX is unlike everything else you measure – it’s not a short-term/today line-item metric or KPI–it’s longer. It’s a lifetime journey across all touch points and channels with the potential to provide the ultimate return on customer relationship.

Financial institutions are making significant investments in technology to improve the user experience. But CX is more than simply providing customers with an online or mobile account-activation solution – it’s about:

  • Brand Reputation Management – Building a process that connects with the consumer before an account is even opened and continue throughout the entire customer journey
  • Eliminating Friction – Delivering a holistic, seamless, customer experience connecting with customers when, where and how it matters
  • Delivering Relevance – Matching the capabilities and services of the financial institution to the needs and expectations of the customers
  • Creating Hyper-Personalized Experiences – Understanding customers as individuals and using customer data to anticipate their needs and create more personalized experiences


Jeff Hassemer, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Harland Clarke 

Carrie Stapp, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Harland Clarke

A Better Alternative: Advanced Analytics and Alternative Data in Consumer Lending

Thursday, November 7, 2019

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (ET) Free registration code: EQ1119

The unsecured personal loan market is hot and growing rapidly. It is also prime testing grounds for the use of alternative sources of data and advanced analytics in marketing and loan decisioning, given the number of traditional and non-traditional lenders competing to meet consumer demand. 

Join Equifax and Aite Group as we discuss market dynamics and share results from our latest study on this topic. Learn how consumer lenders are innovating in this space, and see how they’re preparing for a potential downturn in the economy. 

This webinar will cover:

  • Personal loan market trends and outlook
  • The use of alternative data and advanced analytics across the credit life cycle 
  • Common challenges lenders face when using alternative data and advanced analytics and resulting opportunities


Leslie Parrish
Senior Analyst
Aite Group
David Whitin
VP, Analytics
Solutions Consultant

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