Equifax Phone Numbers

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  • Customer Service:  1-800-685-5000 (Opt. 4) – for any issues with a customer’s credit file, reporting issues, or questions on your personal account.
  • ePort Support:  1-866-222-5879 (Opt. 2) –  if you need a product setup in ePort, password reset, or if you are receiving error messages from ePort
  • Technical Support: 1-888-407-0359 – If you are having system to system issues
  • eMortgage Tech Support: 1-800-370-0283 – if you are having trouble logging into eMortgage or need your password reset
  • Equifax Mortgage Services:  1-800-333-0037 – if you are a consumer and you want to get your personal credit file or requesting credit supplement, or for other mortgage concerns
  • Consumer Line Only: 1-800-203-7843 – disputes, issues/discrepancies with personal credit file
  • eOscar: 678-795-7921
  • eOscar Tech Support: 1-866-696-7227
  • Personal Information Solutions: 678-795-7624
  • Deceased Line: 1-800-203-7843
  • Consumer Line: 1-800-203-7843
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