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Banks and Credit Unions

Equifax offers industry leading data and analytics that offer competitive insights and strategies to enable maximization of member engagement allowing its clients to tackle member maintenance, targeting strategies, risk mitigation, and more.

Real Estate (Property Management)

Equifax provides a customizable one-stop shop that looks beyond the credit file, finding key information to match a potential tenant’s background with the property manager’s ideal customer profile ensuring the safety of the business and residents.


Decisioning the right loans quickly allows finance companies to realize the revenue in that pipeline. Leverage Equifax’s robust offering of consumer data to acquire prospects, qualify loans, mitigate risks, and recover assets.


Mortgage lenders often find themselves spending more time, money, and effort on the revolving list of strict compliance rules and regulations than on customer relationships. A partnership with Equifax allows the focus to turn back to the customer but still monitor risks while underwriting intelligent loans.


The competitive landscape of the auto industry makes it difficult to balance risk with reward when reacting early to opportunities. Equifax has helped clients obtain loans without sacrificing security by using unrivaled insights to locate new opportunities, mitigate risks, and discover competitive advantages.


Locating debtors quickly and efficiently is crucial for minimizing loss. Equifax offers advanced consumer data that allows its partners to recover debt efficiently and effectively and ideally realize revenue. Utilizing up-to-date consumer data, collectors can design effective strategies to recover assets.






The RA Business Solutions Team believes the best way to conduct business is to get to know our clients on a deeper level. We maintain a local presence, visiting our clients in Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. We aim to truly understand the challenges our clients face every day and consider it essential to stay current on industry trends, so that we are fully equipped to provide you with targeted and meaningful results.


RA Business Solutions works with you every step of the way to help you find solutions to optimize your business. Our team believes the best way to conduct business is to get to know our clients on a deeper level to truly understand the challenges your firm faces and provide you with the most targeted solutions and receptive customer support. We consider it essential to stay abreast of the latest trends in the various industries we serve so we are positioned to provide meaningful insight.


Retail Merchants Association was founded in 1903 (eventually became Retail Alliance) operating as the sole credit bureau in Hampton Roads, Virginia. RMA has worked exclusively with Equifax since 1985. In 2011, Equifax recognized the value of Retail Alliance for growing relationships and expanded our footprint to include the majority of the state of Virginia. It has always been our mission to serve the businesses in the Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina region as trusted advisors. Our team firmly believes the best way to provide that needed lift for our partners is to understand on a deeper level the challenges each firm faces. Everyday we leverage the unparalleled Equifax data to provide your business with the most targeted solutions and insights that are crucial for mitigating risk, growing loans/deposits, as well as assistance with compliance.


Our partnership with Equifax allows us to offer you the best data and analytics on the market to meet your company’s needs. It comes as no surprise that Equifax is the primary bureau in the East Coast region with their history of excellence and truly innovative technology equipped with the most accurate and in depth data available. Our partnership with them brings this data directly to you, streamlining the power and accuracy of Equifax, with our attention to detail and personal level of service you receive as our client. We have made it our mission since 1903 to serve businesses in the Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina Region as our partners, and maintain that vision today.

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A consumer’s true risk profile is often broader than traditional credit files show. When you layer alternative credit and consumer-permissioned data, you get more scorable consumers. This expanded data can reveal qualified applicants that are hidden and gives you a better view of both opportunity and risk. Learn More


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